ICDSoft has delivered something I previously thought was impossible:  Reliable web hosting, at a price I could afford.  Over a dozen years and 20 web hosting companies, Reliability always fell apart within two years, often much less.  That has not been the case since 2013, when I moved everything to ICDSoft.

Support is their major selling point. Since 100% Reliability is impossible in a low-cost Shared Web Hosting environment, Support that is Rapid, Effective and Proactive is essential to reducing both the Number and Length of Outages. Effective Uptime Monitoring is another piece of their Reliability and Support model: one that other shared web hosting companies have taken a long time to figure out. All customer-facing staff have excellent English language skills.

The concept is simple:

Each hosting account on ICDSoft servers is meant to be used for one domain, as well as a number of parked domains, according to the hosting plan. Parked domains are full aliases of the main domain – they display the same site content and share the same mailboxes. Pointing parked domains to subfolders or subdomains on the account through .htaccess files or other means is not allowed. (ICDSoft Terms of Use)

Accounts vary by Data Centre location:  one each in the U.S., Europe and Asia.  Limits are well defined for each Account but, unlike Unlimited plans offered by others, disk space can be used for any legal purpose, not just web hosting.

Reseller is a misnomer with ICDSoft.  Signing up for a Reseller account provides discounts that begin with the first account and grow with the number of accounts.  The Reseller account also provides centralized management of accounts.

Instead of cPanel, ICDSoft has an easy to use Control Panel, with help screens for each function. SSH (command line) and SFTP are both available via Support Ticket.