OVH is one of the largest web hosting companies in the world that entered the North American marketplace initially through OVH Canada with Data Centres in Quebec. Offering both Dedicated and Cloud services, their VPS line begins at just over $3/month (U.S. dollars) for a very usable system with very high reliability, and a unique Rescue Mode.

Support for the VPS itself is excellent. Unless things have changed recently, software support, including the operating system of your choosing, is your responsibility, not theirs.

This differs drastically from the major VPS hosts that offer detailed installation and typical configuration instructions for a wide variety of systems software. They also provide web panels to manage DNS records, which OVH does not, though Domain Name Registrars have recently begun to offer Name Servers with web panels to manage DNS records.

The most flexible way to run one or more VPS on OVH is by creating a Public Cloud Project through their Web Control Panel. Their lowest cost VPS series can be combined with additional storage, and deployed on a monthly or hourly billing basis. The SANDBOX name does not imply Reliability issues and the Best Effort mentions only apply to the amount of CPU and Network resources available at any given moment in time.

Other Services are added on a regular basis, such as Exchange Server as a Service, Virtual Desktop and Object Storage.