VPS Mart

VPS Mart offers reliable Windows VPS services at a price point where its only competitors never seem to get it right in terms of providing a working VPS on your initial order with them. They go above and beyond, actually offering the current version of Windows Server, properly licensed, with a sensible set of default settings and software.

Yes, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is only a few dollars more, or even free for the first year, but AWS is needlessly complicated to set up for a single VPS, with so many pieces to put together. ManageEngine’s Desktop Central kept complaining because AWS uses different internal and external IP Addresses.

Admittedly, a lot of the credit for the professional feel to VPS Mart is in their choice of management software: SolidCP as a VPS Control Panel; and WHMCS (Complete Solution) as a Customer Portal.  But it is Hyper-V that delivers the performance; so far, the only KVM offering that performs well is offered by OVH, at three times the price.

4GB is the minimum RAM recommended on VPS Mart for Windows Server 2016.  2GB appears to perform adequately, but frequently generates hundreds of Page Faults per second, indicating it is starved for memory.  The concern is that it could result in premature failure of the SSD used for the Page File.