My programming language of choice, learned initially as a requirement for using a long forgotten Content Management System (CMS), and later a necessity for doing some of the things I wanted to do with WordPress.

PHP is one of the best programming languages I have ever used, in terms of amount of effort to code a given capability, and being able to read and understand my own code months later.

PHP has received some very vocal criticism in the last few years, mainly for its inconsistencies.  Programmers have been criticizing programming languages as long as both have existed, mostly “Why doesn’t Language A did X the same way that Language B does?”  Eliminating those leaves few inconsistencies, typically minor annoyances like missing “is” or missing “_” characters in function names:

  • isset() versus is_null()
  • empty() versus is_int()


At last count, 28% of web sites worldwide use WordPress.  Which translates into high levels of Support and Security.  As close as I am going to get to the right mix of built-in functionality and ease of writing PHP-based code to address specialized needs.


Originally the only database supported by WordPress.  Since then, WordPress has added support for MariaDB.